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Bad Betty Press

‘Wise, painful, beautiful, redemptive. Reading Molly Naylor’s poems is the warmth of the sun on a winter’s day. It feels a lot like hope.’ Nathan Filer

‘Naylor’s poems are direct, defiant, sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious. Whatever You’ve Got is raw, wise, silly, and charming as f**k.’ Ella Frears


Molly Naylor’s Whatever You’ve Got is the letter you wish you could send to your younger self. It’s the voice of a kind, whip-smart friend who accepts your mistakes, messiness and chaotic energy—because they’ve been there—while challenging you to hold yourself with honesty and forgiveness, ‘pressing your ear to your body and hearing that you exist’. 

Naylor cuts to the quick of modern anxiety, of love and its many dilemmas, of trauma and recovery, with unfaltering insight and wit. Full of left-hook quips to make you laugh out loud, and joyful, anthemic rhythm. The poems in this unputdownable collection give permission to do the unexpected, to change your mind, to run an emotional scan and find yourself new, and whole after all.

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