2021: Stop Trying to be Fantastic (live show, currently booking for touring)

2018: LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE! (winner of the Norfolk Arts Award for Theatre)

2014: My Robot Heart. 

2012: Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think Of You (adapted for BBC Radio 4)


In development: I'll See Myself Out (feature film - writer. Jeva Films).

Office in Hackney (music video - director)

After Hours (comedy series - co-writer. Sky One)


2021: LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE! (Avery Hill)

2020: Stop Trying to be Fantastic  (Burning Eye Books)

2016: Badminton (Burning Eye Books)


Molly provides dramaturgical support for stage projects and development assistance on screenplays. She also offers storytelling workshops across a range of settings. For more information contact